Versioner: Org, Org3D

Biograf-Info #: 5502
DK Premiere: Tor. 3. Mar. 2022
USA Premiere: Fre. 4. Mar. 2022
Udlejer: SF Studios (Warner Bros.)
FFOC: (Credit Offset) ()
Lydformater: 5.1, Atmos
Instruktør: Peter Sollett
Genre: Action, Eventyr, Familie, Fantasy
Steve Carell

Filmen vil fokusere på en teenage-pige og en gruppe af uventede eventyrer, der skal frelse verden fra Ender-dragen.

Plot (English):
The land of Minecraft feels a foreign and ancient evil awaken from an unknown realm, that wreaks havoc upon the forces of nature; bringing pestilence, natural disasters, and uneasy relations between tribes in Minecraftia; and two heroes are needed to restore peace and order. Hired by the villagers of the provinces, Alex and Steve embark on their live action journey of love and companionship in the Minecraft Overworld. As they soon realize that there is more going on in this new world behind the iron curtain, they choose to seek out the true origin of the craft. They bond and grow together as Craftians on their journey through the nether, end world, and the elusive Blarney Stone Pub. Their display of love and kindness for each other is seen by the infamous Ender Dragon, and consequently, the ethereal creature gives them the strength to acquire the needed resources to face him. With cameos from various other Minecraft creatures along the way, including The ...

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