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Biograf-Info #: 6678
DK Premiere: Tor. 1. Aug. 2019
USA Premiere:
Udlejer: Angel Distribution A/S
Længde: 1:47:00
FFOC: (Credit Offset) ()
Instruktør: Mikhaël Hers
Genre: Drama
Vincent Lacoste, Isaure Multrier, Stacy Martin, Ophélia Kolb, Marianne Basler, Jonathan Cohen, Nabiha Akkari, Greta Scacchi, Bakary Sangaré, Claire Tran, Elli Medeiros, Zoé Bruneau, Lily Bensliman, Raphaël Thiéry, Leah Lapiower


Plot (English):
Twenty-year-old David lives in the moment. He juggles a variety of different odd jobs and continues to put off – just for a while longer – the time to make more serious decisions. This solitary daydreamer succumbs to the charm of Lena, a newly arrived neighbour. But the relaxed pace of his life shifts up a gear when his elder sister is brutally killed in an attack. He must then take charge of his seven-year-old niece, Amanda.

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